Sealed Components

All the internal electrical systems are sealed to IP65. Dirt, dust and moisture are kept out of key components. That means less downtime due to component failure.

AC Technology

The EJE is a 5th generation AC powered pallet jack. The technology behind the EJE is far more advanced than competitive jacks. The result is superior performance and longer run times.

An added plus to AC power - less wear parts to replace, less components that can fail.

Industrial Batteries

The EJE uses a 150Ah Industrial Battery which has a life span of 3 years. That's compared to a 195Ah Battery Pack which typically fails at least once over a three year period.


Get More Done

The EJE performs the most cycles - 254 - per charge. That's compared to the closest competitor's 211 cycles per charge. That's close to 10% more work done per charge.

Run Longer

Thanks to superior efficiency and an industrial battery, the EJE runs 58 minutes longer per charge than the leading competitor. That means less time charging and more time working.

Easy to Maneuver

The EJE has the shortest turning radius among 4,500-lb. capacity pallet jacks. You can easily maneuver inside tight spaces like delivery trucks and trailers.


We'll guarantee that, with proper maintenance, the EJE's 150 Ah Industrial Battery will last for 3 years after the date of purchase. In the unlikely circumstance it fails, you'll get a no cost repair or replacement.

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  • Sealed electrical components mean that dust and moisture cannot impact the truck’s performance.
  • "Smart" auto reverse button only operates when the truck is moving chassis first toward the operator.
  • Thick, welded forks made from 11/16” solid bar stock steel are designed to withstand the toughest applications over time.
  • Optional ProTracLink stability casters help protect fragile loads from tipping during tight turns.
  • Ramp rollback protection protects against unintended movements while operating on grades.
  • Unique lift/lower rocker switches allow operation with the handle in virtually any position.
  • Low-mounted tiller arm provides easier steer effort and keeps the operator a secure distance from the chassis.
  • Automatic lift-cutout helps avoid burnout by cutting off the hydraulic motor when the forks reach max height.
  • These electric walkies have AC motors with no wearable components, like carbon brushes or contactors, to replace over time.




Gama Foods represents 1/3 of the convenience store industry and business in central Texas.

After experiencing safety and maintenance issues with their existing warehouse product line, Gama was ready for a change.

Their management team reached out to their local Jungheinrich dealer to learn more about the product line. See how Gama’s business experienced significant gains since adding the Jungheinrich walkies to their fleet – including a 20% increase in productivity.

Mid Valley Foods purchased nine EJE 120s in 2011 to use in their brand new 25,000 sq. ft. distribution facility in Northern California.

Impressed with the stability, maneuverability and overall performance of the trucks, they purchased an additional nine units a year later to use in their trailers for customer deliveries.

Watch this video to see how Mid Valley Foods found true warehouse solutions with Jungheinrich.